Asian Art

The phenomenal rise in China’s economy in the last 10 years has led to it becoming one of the largest markets for antiques and fine art in the world. Chris and Andrew Ewbank have visited China three times in recent years and have as a result obtained valuable insight into the Chinese auction market.

The private ownership of art and antiques was prohibited by former communist regimes but a relaxation has led to the blossoming of an emerging and large antiques auction industry fuelled by the new wealthy Chinese middle class. For centuries there has been trade particularly in porcelain, which led to the prosperous West including England acquiring large quantities of goods exported from China to Europe. These acquisitions have left a reservoir of goods which as they come on to the market here are greeted by the modern Chinese with great ardour to such an extent that prices have gone up by large multiples in recent years. By extensive global marketing Ewbank's and their clients have benefited from the new demand. One of the main problems for Chinese buyers is the imposition of high and complicated import duties. 

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