Ceramics and Glass

Our ceramics and glass department has traditionally provided more lots for our auctions than most others in terms of lot numbers. Until about five years ago Oriental porcelain was also included but the phenomenal rise in interest in oriental ceramics led to the creation of a second new and  separate department covering Asian Art.

Although in some areas it has been a difficult market for ceramics and glass in recent years, there is always good demand particularly for the rare and unusual. Pottery and porcelain covers the areas of ornamental and functional wares made in Britain at  Derby, Worcester, Spode, Wedgwood, Staffordshire, Doulton, Beswick and many other factories and on the Continent at Sevres, Meissen, Goldscheider, etc. Glass comes from amongst others Lalique, Venice and Galle (usually sold in our decorative art sales) and from the British Isles from Waterford, Bristol, and Stourbridge to name just a few.   

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