Jewellery Valuations At Ewbank's

Jewellery and watches auction surreyJewellery is one of the most diverse, enticing and emotive sections of the auctionhouse. Buying and selling jewellery through a sale-room with a high level of knowledge is absolutely crucial.


The department is staffed by our very own ‘Gem Girls’ both of whom have many years’ experience: Andrea Machen, a jewellery specialist, with Cert A in gemmology, and a member of the Society of Jewellery Historians; and Emma Reeves, a gemologist, qualified diamond grader, and specialist in premium watches, meaning you’re in the very best of hands whether buying or selling jewellery at Ewbank’s. 


When buying, having this expertise on hand means you’re able to be confident in the accuracy of the description and identity of a gem, plus the team can advise on its suitability for everyday wear, how to care for the gem, often whether it has undergone any treatments, and, of course, the desirability of its colour and clarity.


When selling through Ewbank’s, we can make sure that the attributes of a piece of jewellery are bought to the widest possible audience through online and traditional channels, including the rarity of an item, its age, and stylistic merits, as well as more technical features such as carat weight.


In terms of what we are seeing trend-wise in jewellery sales through the auction room, for investment purposes, clients are looking for good quality, coloured stones. Ruby, sapphire, and emerald are perennially popular, as they can be both beautiful and hard wearing. Crucially buyers want to know that these stones have very few,  or in some cases, appropriate treatments. This is where our team of experts’ specialist knowledge is invaluable, particularly when a considerable sum of money is being invested. Jewellery Valuations Guildford


Amber jewellery is increasingly sought after by buyers, the demand is largely due to strong interest from buyers in the Middle East and China. But also in our increasingly technological world, organic jewellery like amber and coral, and natural earth mined gemstones have an enduring and growing appeal.


As testament to this, at a recent jewellery sale in the summer, one of the most dramatic prices, against estimate, seen, was for a Victorian coral bead necklace. It sold for an estimate-busting £3,000 to an online buyer. Plus, at the same sale, an online battle between two buyers competing for a 45cm long Indo-Chinese amber bead necklace saw a final hammer price of £1,300, 


Overall, of course, antique jewellery is always sought after, there is a finite amount available in the market and for many collectors its charm lies in that link to a bygone age, and its unique story.


Diamond engagement rings sold at auction, attract savvy buyers, who like the style of old cuts or buy them to have the stones re-set in a modern piece of jewellery, saving a lot of money when comparing with high street prices.Amber Jewellery


There can be a perception that buying jewellery at auction is for dealers only, this is not the case at all. Here at Ewbank’s free advice is on offer from our specialist Gem Girls to help you with the process of buying or selling that special treasure, plus they’re happy to help with valuation for insurance.  Email us or call 01483 223101 to arrange your no obligation jewellery and watches valuations.