Star Wars, Doctor Who & Ealing Studios Posters Going Under The Hammer

star wars postersMovie fans should head to Ewbank’s, Surrey’s leading auction-house, on December 14th and 15th for its Entertainment and Memorabilia sale, which will see a host of rare vintage film posters going under the hammer.

Highlights include posters advertising the 1977 iconic movie Star Wars, Steven Spielberg’s Jaws, and Raiders Of The Lost Ark, which was released in the early 1980s.

The team at Ewbank’s expect a lot of interest in the Star Wars poster in particular. Alastair McCrea, entertainment specialist at Ewbank’s said: “Star Wars memorabilia always creates a buzz when it comes to auction. Anything connected to the original three films in particular is highly sought after from fans all over the world.”Doctor Who Poster

The Star Wars poster going under the hammer was produced in the run up to the Academy Awards, and was designed by famed artist Tom Chantrell. Chantrell worked in advertising agencies throughout his career spanning more than 50 years. He illustrated many film posters including ones for the both the Hammer and Carry On franchises, South Pacific, The King And I and One Million Years BC, which featured Raquel Welch in a fur bikini and became a best-selling pin-up picture.

Things To Come PosterChantrell’s was actually the third version of the Star Wars poster commissioned by Lucasfilm. Two previous versions had been deemed too dark and too abstract, as they were produced whilst the film was still in production, and therefore didn’t include references to the cast.

Chantrell was invited to the premiere and was given still photographs to work from. He took one month to produce the poster, the longest he had ever taken, and is still today the image most associated with Star Wars. The British Quad has a pre-sale estimate of between £800 and £1,200.

Saraband for Dead LoversOther well-known posters from modern classics are on sale include Jaws and Raiders Of The Lost Ark. The poster from Steven Spielberg’s 1975 film Jaws has a pre-sale guide price of between £200 and £400, and features artwork by Roger Kastel. The Raiders Of The Lost Ark film poster, which starred Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones, has been valued at between £200 and £400.

Three posters for films made at Ealing Studios by Michael Balcon Productions in the 1940s, are also expected to be popular with buyers. The posters are from the 1948 movie Saraband For Dead Lovers, the 1942 film The Goose Steps Out, and Hue & Cry, which starred Jack Warner and Alastair Sim. All carry a pre-sale guide price of between £400 and £600 each.

A poster from the 1948 release of the film Things To Come, also known in promotional material as H.G. Wells’ Things To Come, a science fiction film produced by Alexander Korda, has been valued at between £400 and £600. It starred Raymond Massey and Ralph Richardson.Hue & Cry

Finally one of the greatest TV heroes of all time, Doctor Who, is also going under the hammer at Ewbank’s. A poster from the 1965 film Dr Who And The Daleks, starring Peter Cushing, has been valued at between £500 and £800.

Viewing for the sale is as follows: December 12th: 9am to 7pm; December 13th: 9am to 5pm; and on the mornings of sale, December 14th and 15th. The sales begin at noon.

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