Sellers FAQ

Will you come to my house and give advice on value and reserves? What do you charge for this service?

We can visit clients to advise them on values of antiques and fine art where they are unable to bring them in to us. We are prepared to travel well outside the local area where it is felt that we should be able to obtain better results for clients than in their immediate vicinity. We do not normally make any charge for this service. We offer a free email valuation service for clients. Just email an image and dimensions and we shall contact you about possible sale values.

Can you offer specialist advice on value?

Yes as you can see from our list of departments we have extensive specialist expertise in many areas and cover a very wide range of antiques and collectors items. Link here to departments

How do you market your sales?

We have a large buyers email mailing list for catalogues and advertise our auctions in the press nationally and locally. We have an extensive auction email alert list and post our main catalogues on the Internet on this site and on other international auction listing sites. All listings include at least one image and where appropriate many additional detailed images and condition reports. This gives us an enormous global coverage and through our live Internet bidding platforms bidders are able to participate in antique auctions while they are in progress throughout the world wherever the Internet is received including the UK, USA, Europe, the Far East and Australia. You can register to participate in live Internet bidding, or just watch your lots as they are sold.

How can you ensure that my possessions will not be sold at prices lower than my expectations?

We advise all clients of our suggested sale estimates for inclusion in our catalogues and we can place reserves on lots being offered for sale.

How can I get my goods to the auction rooms and what does this cost?

You can either bring items in to us yourself or, if this is not practical, we can put you in touch with carriers who will normally charge on a time basis at £45 per hour.All of our clients are advised to agree charges with the carriers before the job is confirmed.

What happens if any of my goods are damaged or stolen while in your care?

This is the type of question that most auctioneers will be reluctant to address in discussions with you before a sale. We are used to handling valuable antiques but recognise that it is always possible for a problem to arise. In the unlikely event of loss or damage to their property we undertake to reimburse clients for any losses.

What items do you sell and will you help me dispose of rubbish and items that cannot be sold?

We shall normally be able to sell all of the saleable items in a house, which are worth transporting to auction. Our carriers can also deal with clearances at charges to be agreed. For legal reasons we do not normally sell electrical goods or domestic upholstered furniture made between 1950 and 1988. We can also advise clients on the sale of ivory or products from other endangered species.

Why should I sell my art and antiques in Surrey rather than sending them up to London?

The London Rooms are usually only interested in selling higher value goods. We can deal with complete contents and will not just cherry pick and leave you to deal with the rest. We are extremely well placed and easily accessible being only about 30 minutes by car from West London and 25 minutes by train from Waterloo; buyers coming by road do not have to struggle to parking town to get to us. We pride ourselves on being a small firm which offers a personal, friendly service to our clients, which cannot be matched by larger organisations. More and more top quality art and antiques are now being sold outside London because prices are good and the costs of selling and transport are much less, particularly on the most important items. The influence of the Internet has made it easier for smaller businesses to reach wider marketplaces.

Do you subscribe to a professional code of practice?

As a member of the Society of Fine Art Auctioneers and Valuers and a prominent Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors I subscribe to the codes of conduct of the two main professional bodies for Fine Art auctioneers in the UK.

How do I know that you will safeguard the money that you hold for me?

I am very rarely asked this important question. As auctioneers we collect purchase monies and hold them for clients pending settlement. The funds that we hold for our clients are protected in ring fenced clients accounts.

When can I expect to receive my money after a sale?

We have to collect money due in from purchasers and normally pay vendors by cheque posted 28 days after the sale. In some cases settlement may be delayed where for example we await payment from buyers.

My staff and I are always pleased to answer any other questions that you might have, and to discuss the disposal of your antiques, collections and fine art.

Buyers FAQ

Can anyone attend and or bid at auctions?

Yes, they are public events; you have no obligation to buy and can come along just to view if you wish. If you decide to bid in the sale room you will have to go through a simple registration process and will be issued with your buyer's number. You can register to place commission bids on line via the website by clicking on the registration link HERE. Once you have registered your registration will cover you for buying at future sales.

Can I find you easily and is there somewhere to park?

We are just off the A3 about 4 miles from Guildford going towards London. You have probably seen us from the main road close to the Ripley slip road. Full details including a map are shown elsewhere on this site. It is an out of town location and we have literally acres of on-site free parking. BEWARE some sat-nav systems direct you to our A3 boundary where there is no access! It is safer to put in the address "London Road, Send"than the postcode!

Where can I get specific information on individual lots in a sale?

Prospective buyers are encouraged to view our illustrated catalogues online on this site. The descriptions can include several images and conditionreports. Further information on specific lots can be posted on requests fromprospective buyers. These listings are normally posted well in advance of thesale date and regularly updated with additional photographs and condition reports

I am frightened that if I am not careful I may purchase something in the room by mistake.

This is an "old wives' tale", provided that you make sure that you are bidding on the right lot. In my experience nobody has ever bought a lot from me that they were not actually bidding on.

How can I settle my account?

We are legally allowed to accept cash up to a maximum of £10,000 or you can pay by cheque (subject to prior arrangement). We also accept major debit and credit cards, the latter being subject to a 2.5% plus VAT surcharge.Because of the increased incidence of fraud like most other auctioneers we do NOT accept card payments over the telephone any longer.

Buyers Premium

In common with all other antiques auctioneers we charge a buyers premium (currently 22.5% plus VAT)

How can I be confident that you are professional auctioneers?

Like any other area of consumer activity we are governed by Consumer Law. I have been running auctions in Guildford since 1982 (Ewbank Auctioneer was set up in 1990). I maintain the highest professional standards as laid down by the two UK professional bodies of which I am a Member. I first became a Member of the Society of Fine Art Auctioneers and Valuers in 1982 and was Chairman 2000 - 2006. I am currently an elected member of the SOFAA management committee.. I have been a Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors for over 40 years and was elected to the International Governing Council the highest decision making body in 2005 for an eight year term.

If anyone has a complaint or problem they can refer it to me personally.

I hope that I have answered your questions but if there is anything that you are still unsure about please ask a member of staff. We look forward to seeing you at a future sale.