Saleroom Valuations

For FREE saleroom valuations by email, please complete the form below. Please give approximate dimensions, notes of marks and condition and we will advise on sale value.

 Valuations Form

 Presale Valuations

Ewbank’s offer FREE pre-sale valuations without obligation, at our salerooms or in your home. Valuers are available every day from Monday to Friday from 9.30 am to 5.00 pm. Although it is better to avoid days when a sale is going on. Alternatively you can go to our enquiry page and send us details of your items and we shall give you an opinion based on what you can provide (subject of course to a more detailed inspection when goods are delivered to us.

For further information on selling at auction please click here and note our terms and conditions for sellers.

Professional Valutations

We also provide written professional valuations for the purpose of insurance, probate, family-division and capital gains tax from entire collections to single items.


Insurance companies require owners  to maintain a detailed inventory and up-to-date values to maintain cover and there is also a much better chance of recovering stolen items if they are professionally described and photographed.


Valuations are required for accurate calculation of inheritance tax liability. We have many years’ experience of dealing with probate lawyers and executors and can also recommend house clearance experts. Probate valuations can also be the basis for the equitable division of an estate amongst beneficiaries and/or the eventual sale at auction of any surplus antiques.

Capital Gains:

Where required we can advise on values in relation to capital gains tax assessments

What Next?

The first step is to get an accurate appraisal from one of our specialists. We are open Monday-Friday 9.30am-5pm for free valuations. If you have a larger collection we recommend booking an appointment at our saleroom or for one of our specialists to come and see you. We also offer valuations via email which we can give you a full appraisal or alternatively you can by arrangement post your items to us recorded delivery if you live further afield. Call us on 01483 223 101 for more information or for a free past catalogue.